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Ralph J. Hochman, C.P.A.

Ralph grew up in Jacksonville and went to public schools in Duval County.
After his high school graduation, he went to the University of Florida for 2 years and then took time off to serve a term in the U.S. Marine Corp and get married and have two of his three children.

Ralph finally decided it was time for him to return to college so he went to Jacksonville University where he earned a bachelor’s degree with a major in accounting—then he moved the family to Gainesville to go the Graduate School of Business at the University of Florida where he earned a Master’s degree in accounting.

After graduation from the University of Florida, he accepted a position with Arthur Anderson in Atlanta and he moved the family again!

His time with Arthur Anderson was a great learning experience because he went to their 3-week training school in Chicago and returned to Atlanta to work on a variety of clients that only a member of a National Accounting Firm would have the opportunity to be involved with.

He decided to come back to Jacksonville because the extensive travel was simply not the life he envisioned when he went back to college. He took a position with the Jacksonville office of the Auditor General of the State of Florida. Again, the experience was helpful in broadening Ralph’s overall knowledge of accounting and auditing.

He had grown up in a family business and felt that he could do his best going out on his own and he opened Ralph J. Hochman, C.P.A.—over 40 years ago. And from that time forward, he has prepared thousands of tax returns—personal and business and has built a large and loyal client base because of the personal attention he gives to every tax return. He believes his years in the family business has given him a unique perspective of how to provide the services a small business needs.

Ralph also has clients with revenues in the $ 10 million range, so he has the skills to work with a large range of clients with include:

Pawn Shops
Retail Stores
Medical and Dental Firms
Real Estate and Investment Companies
“The Trades”—electrical contractors—builders—flooring contractors, etc.

Mr. Hochman was also the CPA firm for a large general contractor who built entire sub-divisions and apartment complexes where Ralph learned about the intricacies of budgeting, forecasting and marketing as well as percentage of completion accounting.

About 20 years ago—his son Matt came into the business and opened under the name of Prompt Tax which has developed into a thriving business. Matt works with a variety of small businesses and of course, prepares personal as well as business tax returns.

Our Mission Statement and Values

When the firm was founded over 40 years ago, my vision was to create an accounting firm that put the client first and always give the client full value for the fees paid to us. This concept was instilled in me by my European parents who always stressed the best way to build a business was to be certain that the customer was always satisfied, felt fairly treated and would want to  return when our services were needed in the future—and would recommend us to family and friends.


We believe this core value is at the root of our many successful years in business with so many clients returning year after year—and with the younger generations also using our services.

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