Accounting Services

The Accounting Services we offer cover a vast array of solutions

Accounting Services 

The Accounting Services we offer cover a vast array of solutions designed to help our clients solve their needs in the administrative side of the business—leaving them considerably more time to focus on the money-making aspects of running the

We believe in the old saying — “management should put its efforts into working ON the business rather than in the business!” Simply stated—this means that management time devoted to developing the business increases the bottom line, while time spent in the business working on paperwork does very little to grow the business.


One of our two main services is offering solutions to the paperwork crunch to free up management time to develop the business and feel confident that the administrative side is in good shape.

We call this group of services—Back-Office Solutions.

Our Back-Office Solutions include a number of administrative and accounting services covering a wide range of alternatives depending upon the client’s needs from basic bookkeeping to compete operation of the accounting functions:


  • Old Fashioned Write-Up—where the client handles his billing and pays the bills and we record the transactions After the Fact. This is a very popular service because it allows the business owner to feel he is in control of the money—and pushes the bookkeeping to us.
  • Accounts Payable—Often the time spent in this simple task gets out of hand and management seems to get into a scramble of who and when to pay them. There are no cash management procedures in place and suddenly what should be a routine task creates a crisis. As part of our service of taking over the accounts payable function, we set up a simple, but effective schedules of needed cash projections so there is no surprise and paying the bills does not create a panic situation. This is vital to seasonal businesses that often need to obtain credit lines for the slow times.
  • Complete Responsibility for the Back Office—this level of service is the “top of the line” and involves a commitment from the client to work with us to understand the business and a willingness to allow us to take charge. One of the greatest advantages of this service is that it costs about half of the expense of a good full charge bookkeeper—if one is available. This service is a sincere commitment between the client and us and usually takes about two weeks to a month to fully implement it. 
  • Desktop Version of QuickBooks—We are experts in using and coaching users of the desktop version of QuickBooks. The issue so many businesses have is that they don’t understand how to properly set QuickBooks up in the beginning and this plagues them indefinitely. We offer a wide range of services to resolve this issue—and we can train your staff in using QuickBooks to minimize future problems.

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