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Prompt Tax, Inc. was founded about 20 years ago by Ralph’s son—Matt—when Ralph’s client load was becoming overwhelming and Ralph felt he was at a point that quality might suffer if he did not have help—at that time, Ralph trained and taught Matt the skills and understanding learned over the years.

Ralph and his son started slowly—Matt quickly became a “chip off the old block” developing his own client base—which has grown dramatically over the years.

Ralph and Matt work out of the same offices and are available to consult as needed when complex issues need to be evaluated so the best tax preparation practices and outcomes can be decided and followed.

Matt has become an expert in family tax returns and has become knowledgeable in the various deductions and credits available to families, and of course, to taxpayers filing by themselves.

Another area where Matt has developed substantial skills in is business tax returns relating to truckers. These tax returns have special problems that Ralph and Matt have studied and developed a strong approach to give truckers the best possible outcomes available under the appropriate tax regulations.

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